Handcrafted with love in the Garden State


It is perfect! The scent carries! I was really crossing my fingers because not even Yankee Candle works in my apartment!! I was instantly able to smell the sample, Jupiter when I opened it! I left my apartment and when I came back it was filled with Jupiter's scent without me even lighting it!!!

Sara V.

Opening the package was an EXPERIENCE, and one can tell that alot of thought and love was put into the making of these candles!

Tania C.

Might be the best smelling candle ever!

Temi A.

You can smell the candles as soon as you open the box!

Candace V.

Got my package earlier this week, my house has smelled like heaven since!

Kiera G.

Quarter Past Twelve is amazing!!! The throw is on point and fills the 10x20 space within the first hour of it being lit!!!!

Dominique C.

I burned Crescent it Lovely last night. The whole kitchen smelled like Crescent this morning...that was about 8 hours later!!!!

Erika P.

The candles last so long! The crackle of the wood is soothing and the aroma and scent throw is amazing! I will only purchase Lunher Candles from now on. These candles are unlike any other!!!

Bryson E.


Beauty, resilience, and power is what came to my mind as I sat on my balcony, captivated by the luminous sphere in the summer night's sky.  Many moments in my life have been spent gazing at the majestic, fierce moon and reflecting on what is, what was, and what has yet to be in my life.  Lunher Candles, moon inspired, was created to ignite energies resonated in peace, passion, happiness, and strength for women.  With the burn of each candle, the scents of Lunher Candles in essence tethers your spirits to the moon and sparks an empowering, unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Lunher Candles!

xo, Samantha Linn